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Residence Hall of KMUTT Bangkhuntien Campus

Residence Hall of KMUTT Bangkhuntien Campus is located in the University and consists of two 5-storey buildings, i.e. North Hall for female residents and South Hall which is divided into 3 following parts; dormitory for male residents, Staff Room and Seminar Group Room (like the hotel’s room).  Each building has 4 types of rooms (private restroom in every room) which are a 2-person room, an air-conditioned 2-person room, a 3-person room and an air-conditioned 3-person room.  The Residence Hall is available for: students at any level of study; students of Science Classrooms in University-Affiliated School Project (SCiUS) who require permanent accommodation; lecturers and staff of the University: and seminar participants who require daily or particular seminar group accommodation.

The Residence Hall is furnished with amenities, including, a bed, a mattress, a wardrobe, a worktable, a shelf, a clothes line and 2 and 3 Internet LAN Ports being in line with types of rooms.  Students bring their pillow, blanket, electric fan and other necessary appliances for habitation.  In the buildings, there are corridors in front of each room being designed as a central hall opened out through every floor for good ventilation.  Maids will always manage cleanliness and tidiness of common areas.

Facilities in the Residence Hall include Wi-Fi, television room, and drinking water machines (hot-cold water).  For students’ security, closed-circuit televisions or CCTV are installed at the entrances, passages on every floor, and fire escapes and security guards are on duty for 24 hours.  Student ID cards can be used as a key card for access to the dormitory, and extinguishers are installed on every floor.  A variety of shops and canteens are provided for students and the public on the 1st Floor; for example, canteen with a made-to-order menu, noodle shop, beverage & snack shop, fruit shop, convenience store (24 hours), laundry, coin-operated washer, and Learning Center Room 1 and 2.

Resident Advisors will take care of students’ living: provide recommendations to ensure that students will comply with rules, regulations and notifications of the Residence Hall; give advice and solutions to students’ problems; consider and give suggestions on organizing projects/activities to develop the Residence Hall’s potential according to the calendar of the Resident Development throughout the academic year so that students can join in such projects/activities based on their own interest; initially assist and look after sick students, including taking them to the Student Health Services if necessary; and monitoring a security system for students in the Residence Hall.
Information on the Residence Hall can easily be obtained from several media such as PR boards on each floor, newsletters (monthly news), Website and Facebook, including SMS for significant news.

The Residence Hall’s office is on the 1st floor of the dormitory for male residents and opens every day including holidays, i.e. Monday – Friday at 08.00 - 19.00, and Saturday – Sunday at 08.00 – 17.00.  Students can contact our staff for services, payments of rental fee, public utilities (electricity – water charges) and others every day at the office hours.

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Home  |  About Us  |  Room & Facilities  |  Fee  |  Staff  |  Announcement  |  Activity  |  FAQ  |  Contact Us  
Bangmod Campus 
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Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150
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