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Why should students stay at the Residence Hall of the University?

> The Residence Hall is situated in the University which is convenient for students to take less time and free from fatigue because they can just walk to their classrooms within 5 – 10 minutes and avoid risks of vehicles on the road.  Moreover, they shall have more time than other students who do not stay in the Residence Hall.

> Apart from safety of transportation, the Residence Hall provides security guards for 24 hours for safety of life and property of residents.  A keycard door system is used for access to the Residence Hall with closed-circuit TV installed around the buildings.  It is considered important and essential to take care of all residents in the Residence Hall.

> Students staying in the Residence Hall shall have a good life with friendly relations of seniors, juniors and friends helping each other to study, adapt themselves to living with others and learn how to comply with the social rules.  Besides, the Resident Advisors who also stay in the Residence Hall shall look after and give advice to all residents.

>Students shall have easy access to all resources in both the Residence Hall and the University, for example, in the Residence Hall, such as Learning Space, Print Solution System, Wi-Fi Signal and Internet LAN in the rooms; and in the University, such as KMUTT Library, Computer Room (24 hours), Wi-Fi Signal, Fitness Center and various sports fields and courts.  Moreover, the University is also surrounded by the Youth Sports Center Chalermprakiat (Stadium), Discovery Learning Library, and Thonburirom Park, a large public park for the community.


What are the benefits of living with students from other faculties/fields?

To live with students from other faculties/fields will help residents to learn how to live with others in the society, adapt themselves to other people, have good human relations, sacrifice, be considerate, have knowledge sharing and understand diversity of other individuals and knowledge different from themselves.  As a result, after the students graduate, they can establish a wider network for working collaboration than other students who have friends only from the same faculty/field.
What are the medical services if students are sick?


What are the medical services if students are sick?

> In the Residence Hall
   The Residence Hall has household remedies for minor injury, thus students can ask for medicine at the security counter (24 hours) and the Residence Hall’s office (office hours).  In case of severe injury at night, students can contact security guards or Resident Advisors for admission to hospitals.
   Only BKT Residence Hall has a health service at the 1st floor of male residence hall, 07.00 pm. - 07.00 am. Monday - Friday.
> In the University (Information from Health Service Section,
   Students can contact a medical unit in each campus as follows:

  Bangmod Campus  Tel: 0 2470 8441-3, 0 2470 8445-6  
  1. Office hours: Monday – Friday at 08.30 - 18.00.
    Saturday at 08.30 - 16.30.
    Sunday and holidays Closed
  2. Treatment by doctors: Monday – Friday at 13.00 - 16.00.
    Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday at 16.00 - 18.00.
    Friday (Motivation Clinic) at 12.00 - 15.00.
  Bangkhuntien Campus  Tel: 0 2452 3452 ΅θΝ 7030  
  1. Office hours: Monday – Friday at 09.00 - 17.00.
    Saturday, Sunday and holidays Closed
  2. Treatment by doctors: Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 12.00 - 14.00.

What are the services in case of accidents?

The University provides accidental insurance for students.  In case of accidents, students can be admitted in hospitals specified in the list of medical institutions without paying any medical expense in case the students present their insured and student / personal ID cards.

Or in case the students pay the medical expense first, they can request a reimbursement by submitting the following documents:
1. Download and fill in an Indemnity Requisition Application.
2. Submit the application to Student Service Section, Student Affairs Division, 2nd floor, the Office of the President Building, together with the following documents:
    -  Certified photocopy of student ID card.
    -  Receipt (original)
    -  Medical Certificate (original)
    -  Police’s Notice (in case of being physically attacked)
3. For more information, please contact Student Service Section, Student Affairs Division, 2nd floor, the Office of the President Building, Tel. 0 2470 8110.


If students have a problem of living with a room-mate, what should they do?

Resident Advisors shall meet the students to ask about the problem and try to settle it with the involved students so that they will consequently comprehend the situation, themselves and other persons, then have a better understanding with their room-mate and can live together more happily.


How to make payment of electricity – water charges each month?

The Residence Hall shall make an announcement of the monthly electricity – water charges within the 5th date of the following month.  Students can make payment at the Residence Hall’s office no later than the 26th date of the month.  The fine for late payment is 50 Baht/month/item.


How to enter the Residence Hall after the closing time?

Students must prepare a letter to request permission to enter the Residence Hall after the closing time and submit it to the Residence Hall’s office in advance at least 1 day.  Effective permission must be approved by Resident Advisors.


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